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It feels good to know what’s going on with my website. I also love the fact that I have access to support 24/7. It is worth its weight in gold. When you are a small business it is so helpful to be able to reach out to in times of need. SiteLock support is always on it!
Amanda Naor
Amanda Naor Photography

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I’m confident in SiteLock and the security behind my site. This was the first time I’ve ever experienced a cyberattack, but with SiteLock protecting my site, I know it will be the last.
Bill Kasal

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Overall, my SiteLock review is positive. I see the value in their products and feel comfortable protecting my clients’ websites with SiteLock. They had friendly customer service, product setup was efficient, and my security results are easy to read. Two thumbs up!
Joe Howard
WP Buffs

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They just took care of the problem and got it back up and running. It gives me peace of mind, it’s one less thing to worry about and frees up more of my time to spend on meeting my client’s needs.
Shantel B. Eilenfield

Great experience from SiteLock as always. We are very happy with the service and can sleep soundly knowing that the sites are protected. Will definitely recommend to colleagues for them to take care of their client sites as well. The dashboard is easy to read and manage.
Trustpilot review, 8/27/2018

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Security was not a problem—until it became one. It wasn’t fun learning this the hard way. Luckily, our wonderful account manager was emailing and calling us about the status of our website every step of the way. When I called and asked for my account manager, I actually got her, not just the next support person in line. I didn’t have to repeat myself over and over. There were no misunderstandings and no delays.
George Greene

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It is super easy to set up and takes care of your all security concern while you focus on what matters.
Ahmad Awais and Maedah Batool

SiteLock has been a reliable and trusted source for our company when it comes to our external penetration testing. We are able to sleep better at night knowing our brand is secure from a network perimeter perspective.
Nick H.
G2Crowd review, 8/8/2018

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The customer support team was helpful and knowledgeable. They worked with me to find the right security products for my specific needs. I would definitely recommend SiteLock as a cost-effective solution to website protection.
Stephen Powell
Marlowe’s Ribs and Restaurant

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The approach taken by the SiteLock Support team made all the difference – their explanations were clear without being too technical. The SiteLock team really cared about my situation and helped to lower my panic level by assuring me that they could fix this. I felt confident they would get us up and running again quickly.
Melissa Marchand
Hyannis Whale Watcher Cruises

Partnering with SiteLock has allowed me to focus more on the growth of my business instead of worrying about the security of my sites.
Brett M.
G2 Crowd review, 6/19/2018

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The SiteLock suite of security tools now allows me to be more proactive in preventing unwanted visitors and bots from accessing my website. SiteLock has given me more peace of mind.
Tony Spiridigliozzi

It is not often you speak to employees of ANY company that are articulate, knowledgeable and professional. They made my problem become theirs. In essence, they took ownership of situation. I will be a returning customer for ALL my security needs.
G2 Crowd review, 8/29/2018

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I honestly am not sure what I would have done without the expertise of SiteLock and their incredible staff. They offered me so much support and help during a time when I was stressed and worried, and they assured me things would be okay. I was thrilled that within a day, my site was back up and running, along with a protection plan that would help keep it safe from future attacks
Brandi Yee

I do not have to worry about my website because I know SiteLock is protecting it.
Mark A
Capterra review, 5/8/2018

SiteLock has been providing me with a wonderful service for a number of years and have been absolutely top notch - the personnel are friendly and courteous and have always provided answers to all my questions. I would highly recommend SiteLock to everyone I know.
G2 Crowd review, 8/27/2019

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With SiteLock protecting my website, my traffic and page views have surpassed my initial expectations. My visitors are leaving their email information to the subscription list with confidence.
Terry Lidral

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Website security is important to the success of our business. That’s why we called SiteLock.
Dan Karr

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The customer experience was awesome. Everything was explained and options were given to have my client’s site up and running as quickly as possible. The SiteLock specialist who handled my case was extremely helpful, knowledgeable, and professional. He walked me through the process step by step.
Rena McDaniel
The Blogging 911

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Having my website compromised made me realize how important it is to keep it safe and “bulletproof” when it comes to cyber attacks like the one I was a victim of. I’m really happy with the peace of mind SiteLock provided me, and I can fully recommend it!
Ricardo Serpa

I haven't had any negative experiences with SiteLock so far, and I don't expect to. It's extremely comforting knowing that I don't have to worry about malware attacks anymore. Their customer service is great, which just makes the whole experience that much better. I would definitely recommend this product.
Sara R.
Capterra review, 7/14/2018

SiteLock was able to quickly solve my malware problems and get my website functioning properly again. Each agent I have spoken with has been knowledgeable and courteous. My questions were answered completely and the appropriate actions were taken. I've been happy with the service provided.
Trustpilot review, 8/28/2018

Completely independent, works without any need for extra work. Very efficient and effective at working as advertised. Great customer service.
Rich H.
Capterra review, 8/21/2018

Always professional and friendly. Dedicated to assisting with any problem. Very supportive. Fixed issue(s) quickly and efficiently. Would certainly continue to recommend to others for service.
ConsumerAffairs review, 7/30/2018

We've been customers for quite a while, but spoke today with an account rep who called to check in, make sure there were no changes, and go over my sites to ensure all was working well. Much appreciated - not only to touch base about any potential changes to the account, but also to make sure we know there is always a point of contact.
ConsumerAffairs review, 7/24/2018

We’ve been with SiteLock for over a year and are very pleased with the services. We receive daily reports of what is going on with our website. If anything looks suspicious, we immediately receive a call checking if we are working on the website and they take care of what’s needed to be done. We have peace of mind knowing someone is watching out for us. They make it personal too through the reps who are very pleasant to deal with.
ConsumerAffairs review, 7/19/2018

I am so impressed and grateful with the service I receive from SiteLock. My account manager explained the whole process to me in detail and addressed my unique personal needs. I felt like I was really dealing with someone who cared about me and my website. Thank you SiteLock for making confusing technology be a better experience! And for protecting my website.
ConsumerAffairs review, 7/12/2018

The support team at SiteLock was very helpful. I asked about what our package consists of and what it would mean for our company's website in practical and simple terms. I also requested for assistance with our new website. They were thorough and very clear in their explanation. They also took care of issues immediately. It was great customer service!
ConsumerAffairs review, 7/11/2018

SiteLock was there when we needed them the most, and has stood guard over our site ever since we initiated their coverage. The process is easy to establish, very affordable, and their people are great to work with. I would highly recommend SiteLock's services to any organization or person with a website. No matter how secure you think your site is, SiteLock provides that extra shield of protection that is well worth it.
ConsumerAffairs review, 6/28/2018

Working with SiteLock has been a blessing for my company. I am not navigating through pre-recorded messages or automated processes, I am provided prompt and proactive care from a personal, human representative who spends as much time with me as I need and explains everything thoroughly. I truly enjoy my partnership with SiteLock!
ConsumerAffairs review, 6/15/2018

My knowledge of all things website related is minimal at best. When my site became infected with malware they cleared it, fixed and more importantly, communicated with me constantly via phone, or emails written by humans and not generic (and typically useless) stock phrases picked by a chatbot. The human touch in service is something missing in most companies. With SiteLock I have been extremely impressed.
Google review, 9/1/2018

Staff are extremely knowledgeable and friendly. They helped fix my issues in record time. Highly recommend their services. Thanks again! :)
Google review, 8/1/2018

Working with SiteLock for almost 5 years has been a pleasure. They have worked me through all website security issues quickly and thoroughly every time. I highly recommend this very trustworthy company.
Google review, 8/1/2018

Everyone on the SiteLock team saved me big time! I caught the malware problem at 12:30AM and they went straight to work starting in the middle of the night! Wow!!! Thank you everyone!
Google review, 8/1/2018

SiteLock is great! They are extremely professional, nice and helpful. They go the extra mile to help the customer and offer services for free when they are able to. I highly recommend them.
Google review, 7/1/2018

I am new at building a website and hackers were getting into my account. SiteLock was absolutely awesome in helping me get through this and also helping to what was needed to successfully get back on track!!
Google review, 7/1/2018

Outstanding customer service! The help I’ve received has literally been above and beyond the scope of what “could” have been provided. Other companies should take a look at what SiteLock’s customer service standards are and model it.
Google review, 7/1/2018

Our site had been hacked, and despite several efforts, it was not possible to reset login info. I am not a techie - nor are any of my colleagues. The Customer Service agent who dealt with my enquiry was patient and efficient, and I feel much happier now that somebody is going to rescue me!
Google review, 7/1/2018

Attentive, prompt, polite, efficient.
Google review, 7/1/2018

The technicians were friendly and knowledgeable. My personal representative found the best deal for me and it is super reasonable.
Google review, 6/1/2018

Great technical support! Courteous, professional and knowledgeable! When an issue arises, they go above and beyond my expectations. So glad they have my back!”
Google review, 6/1/2018

Great customer service and follow up. Easy to use, and they do all the install work.”
Google review, 6/1/2018

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